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Version complète : Fallbrook announces N330 and N380
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The next model of hub has just been announced. Called the N330 it has a slightly reduced ratio range of 330% and an expected lower retail price.

The official Press release is available here.

[Image: N330_zpse2e2wput.jpg]
Also announced recently was the N380 which is expected to replace the N360 along with the N330 as a cheaper alternative. It will have an increased ratio range of 380% and be heavier duty. 

[Image: 350530%201_zpsfgqet0bl.jpg]
The first N380s are now on Ebay in the UK and the N330 will also be shortly.
Will the N380 have a better efficiency than the 360?
That's a good question, I'm annoyed with myself for not getting the efficiency test rig finished.
I was told that they had been working on improving the efficiency in underdrive and overdrive to even out the efficiency curve. Hopefully the main difference with the N380 is that it's a heavy duty version.