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Excessive shifter resistance - Oran - 01-25-2015

[Image: WP_20150102_001_zpsd9c295fc.jpg]
I've come across this problem a couple of times now with the NuVinci shifter. The cable simply fails due to the fatigue of the bending and straightening cycle. The first indication of a problem is the shifter resistance increases. So if this happens its worth removing the cover and checking before it snaps and your left with a single speed.

I've had this happen with all the types of shifter I have used, its not of NuVinci related problem. I seem to come across this a lot but that's because I shift gear or ratio such a lot.

RE: Excessive shifter resistance - Normand_Nadon - 01-27-2015

Maybe you could try braided lines unstead of twisted ones... they are less affected by this repetitive motion!

RE: Excessive shifter resistance - Oran - 01-28-2015

That's a rather good idea. I like the way you look it things for what they are and not what they are sold as. I try to think this way as well.

I have always used standard bicycle gear cables. Its because of the ends that I buy them as I've always thought creating an end was to difficult. I found a YouTube video on how to solder on ends which I'll have a go at doing. If successful I'll get some braided wire rope of the correct diameter.

Bicycle cables are indeed just wire rope which can easily be found on Ebay. I got some for my bicycle trailer brakes as I didn't want to spend a fortune on tandem cables. Its a two wheeled trailer and I redesigned the cable splitter so that the cable could run continuously from one brake caliper to the other. This got around the problem of putting an end on the wire rope.

I've also had success with tying a knot in a broken cable when using thumb shifters. Not sure if the knot method would work with NV shifters.

RE: Excessive shifter resistance - Normand_Nadon - 01-29-2015

You do know that braided bicycle cables can be bought with finished ends? Don't you? Wink

RE: Excessive shifter resistance - Normand_Nadon - 01-29-2015

And also... there are screw-on cable ends avaliable for cheap!

RE: Excessive shifter resistance - Oran - 01-30-2015

(01-29-2015, 08:42 PM)Normand_Nadon a écrit : And also... there are screw-on cable ends avaliable for cheap!
I didn't know braided gear cables could be bought. My search's only bring up outer cable with a braided pattern on the outside. I assume you mean cable which has the individual strands crossed over each other. Wire rope made that way is more flexible than if simply twisted.

I haven't seen screw on ends for gear cables either, you much have much better bike shops in Quebec.
[Image: Anti_twisting_Steel_Wire_Rope.jpg]