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New forum member N380 hub

I am just about to have a trek Super Commuter 9 delvered to me this week.

It is an ebike commuter, I choose the Nuvinci 380 hub over the conventional gear system offered.

Have had a Rohloff hub in the past, always prefered an internal geared hub.

Will update once I have the bike, and have a few miles on it.
- Denis99
Hi Denis99,

Good to have you on the forum. Look forward to hearing about your experience with a NuVinci hub on an ebike.
- Oran
Welcome to our comunity Denis!

Can't wait to see that build of yours
Si ça a déjà été fait, je peux le faire
Si ça n'a jamais été fait, donnez-moi juste le temps de trouver comment !

(10-21-2017, 12:27 AM)Normand_Nadon a écrit : Welcome to our comunity Denis!

Can not wait to see that build of yours


Should have the bike sometime this week. Has to be shipped from Holland to the UK, as there wasn't any stock in the U.K. (55 cm size ).

The only change will make to the stock parts is to fit my Time pedals and Ortlieb panniers.
- Denis99

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