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5 years of NuVinci hubs
Its been 5 years since I got my very first NuVinci N360. In that time I don't think there's been many weeks when I haven't used one, most weeks its every day. My mileage isn't that impressive 11-12k miles but I've lived a lot of the time on an island with only 15 miles of roads. I've owned 6 hubs in total, the latest an N380.

They haven't been without issues, worn out stators, traction fluid leaks and a freewheel that made a snapping noise. Despite this they have all been 100% reliable out on the road. A few snapped gear cable's doesn't really count.

There's no doubt that these hubs are a little less efficient than derailleur gears but I gain a little fitness to compensate. They have their purpose on certain bikes, I wouldn't want one on all of my bikes/ trike. Its like a full suspension mountain bike with fat tyres is less efficient than a road bike but is so much better off-road. A NuVinci hub is less efficient than derailleur gears but it preforms so much better in the town/city environment.

In conclusion I think NuVinci CVTs really are the future of transmissions in a lot of applications. Will I still be using one in 5 years time, I'm pretty sure I will be.
- Oran

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