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Version complète : Forum en version Mobile via Tapatalk!
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J'ai implanté hier matin le plugin pour mobile "Tapatalk" au forum.

Il vous suffit de vous connecter au site avec n'importe quel mobile (tablette ou cellulaire) pour activer la version "Tapatalk" du forum!
I'm just trying out Tapatalk app to write this reply, just downloaded it. It's to soon to say if its any good. I like the concept and the way posts are listed in order of date. It can be hard to find new posts in the forums website layout.
The windows phone version of the app has had a lot of bad reviews due to bugs and I've already come across error messages.
Will give it a go and see.
Thanks for trying it out Oran!

I am using the phone version without an itch on my Galaxy SIII on Cyanogenmod 11

I added this feature because I like the way it warns me of new messages (like twitter or facebook app)

By the way, on the standard version of the site, if you click on "Nouveaux messages" in the upper left corner, you will see all the new messages since your last login.

Happy hollidays.