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Un 7afte d'origine!
Un 7afte d'origine!

Citation :2001 AE112R Corolla Sportivo
only 100 produced
only came in gold
only sold in Australia
only made in 2000 for release in 2001

from a post on

Launched in Australia in 2001, the Corolla Sportivo packs a turbocharged version of the base 1.8 litre twin-cam 4-cylinder. Curiously, the Corolla Turbo was released just months before the all-new Corolla series arrived in late 2001 – it was never going to be a long-running model.

Under the bonnet you’ll find a turbocharged 7A-FTE engine, which was a joint venture between Toyota and Tom’s. The 7A-FTE is an untouched garden-variety Corolla engine with a low-boost turbo system added. This means the standard 9.5:1 static compression ratio remains to help maintain excellent off-boost flexibility and all-round torque.

The turbo conversion comprises an IHI RHF4B turbocharger, a new cast iron exhaust manifold, revised exhaust, bigger injectors, remapped engine management, colder spark plugs and new inlet plumbing (which snakes its way through the engine bay from the standard Corolla airbox location). Boosting to 8 psi, induction-air is chilled by a front-mount air-to-air intercooler. The result is 115kW (156hp) at 5600 rpm and 237Nm (175 ft/lb) at 3600 rpm – but note that premium unleaded fuel is required to avoid detonation and extract maximum power.
hum... j'ai du mal à y croire moi... je trouve que ça sonne faux!
Si ça a déjà été fait, je peux le faire
Si ça n'a jamais été fait, donnez-moi juste le temps de trouver comment !


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