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Fallbrook announces N380x
Been a little slow to mention this but Fallbrook have released another new model of hub. The N380x which I have been assured does have redesigned internals not just exterior changes. More info here

Looking forward to getting my hands on one to see if I can wear it out.
- Oran
An update on the N380x.  First thing to mention is that NuVinci is now called Enviolo. Enviolo have brought out for 2019 a range of 5 hubs for different applications. The N380x has become the Sportive and Cargo models.

The N360 has also been phased out but with changes to the ratio range has become the N330 and now, with a further ratio decrease to 310%, the City and Commercial models. And also the N380 or now the Trekking model completing a range of 5 hubs.

More info on the website here
- Oran
I have recently got hold of an Enviolo Sportive model to do a review of. Today I gave it a test ride on one of the local mountain roads. Initial impression of it is extremely good particularly when it comes to the efficiency. When they said they had increased the underdrive efficiency I wasn't sure if it would be by much but the difference is really noticeable. Gone is the power sapping squishiness at low speed, low rpm, high torque situations. At first I thought I might have just been deceived but the hubs temperature rise at the top of the hill told the truth. It was significantly cooler than any other N360 or N380 I have had. This gain in efficiency is really quite an achievement in the world of transmissions and makes CVTs in my opinion the best transmission.

I'll do more of a review sometime but a few things I've noticed while installing the hub. 
The freewheel is a much higher quality, makes a nice loud clicking sound.
Comes with a direct drive hub interface although the spline diameter is different is not compatible with the old hub interfaces. 
The disc brake mount is integrated.
Different axle options for wider dropouts 142mm and 148mm with through axles.
Overall the build quality is very good, runs very smoothly no rattling or rumbling.

Now its time to find out how it handles long term use.
- Oran

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