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Bio: Seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they’re handed a gift is one of the most rewarding moments. If you’re looking to wow your family and friends the minute they receive your gift, then a little creative gift wrapping is just what you need. Luckily, it doesn’t take much time, skill or money—once you have a few gift wrapping ideas.

To offer you inspiration for your Christmas, birthday or holiday gifts, we’ve created a collection of over 20 gift wrapping ideas. From simple ribbon techniques to gift-wrapping masterpieces, we have something for everyone. And if you’re still looking for extra special presents for you loved ones, make sure to check out our personalized gifts.

1. Recycle In Style

Design your own festive gift wrap from a material you already have: paper shopping bags. Make the project easier by choosing bags from stores that issue holiday patterns. Add colorful ribbon or string to your gift for extra personality.

2. Tea Towel Wrap

Choose a gift wrap idea that also doubles as a gift: a tea towel. Bundle a bottle of wine, olive oil, sauce or balsamic vinegar for a present that will go straight to the kitchen.

3. Colorful Hodgepodge

Gather your paints, paintbrushes, and sponges. Use white or solid colored paper as your base and sprinkle on all of your favorite colors in any shapes you want. Your gifts will be dressed full of character and personality.

4. Baked Goods Cardcoard Boxes

Take empty cardboard candle boxes from rolls of parchment paper or foil. Paint them with festive colors and designs for decorative baked good gift package boxes or other food gift ideas.

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